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This mortgage product is part of our portfolio lending program. It is ideal for borrowers who wants to purchase a home but does not qualify for traditional mortgage financing due to previous Foreclosure, Short-Sale or deed-in-lieu.

Benefits & Features

  • Down payments starting at 15%.
  • Shorter waiting time after financial difficulties.
  • Fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) are available.


  • Minimum Fico Credit Score starting at 620 with compensating factor.
  • Must wait one at least one day after Foreclosure, Short sale or Deed-in-lieu or Two years from Bankruptcy before applying.
  • Asset or Liquid reserves are required.


The loan process many times boils down to what you can afford. A good way to check your potential finances is to utilize a monthly payment calculator such as the one found here with Ready Mortgage Lenders.

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