Refinance Products


This mortgage product is ideal for homeowners who have attained equity on the property and wants to use this equity to their advantage. They are able to refinance to lower rates, remove Mortgage Insurance and convert from other less beneficial loan products.

Benefits & Features

  • All type of properties allowed.
  • No Cash Reserves Required.
  • Closing cost can be financed into the new loan.


  • Minimum Fico Credit Score starting at 620.
  • To refinance the mortgage must be current (not delinquent).
  • Maximum 80% cash out refinance of the appraise value for primary residence.
  • Maximum 75% cash out refinance of the appraise value for single unit investment properties.


The loan process many times boils down to what you can afford. A good way to check your potential finances is to utilize a monthly payment calculator such as the one found here with Ready Mortgage Lenders.

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